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Carpet Production is perhaps one of the most defining arts of civilization. From objects of simple necessity to majestic luxury they are emblematic of the creative genius and technical mastery of the artistic traditions of the world. At ArtOfPersia.com, we want to answer all of your questions and inquiries about any antique textile objects you can find! We can provide you with any additional information on purchasing carpets, selling your carpets, restoring and preserving your carpets, appraisals and much much more! Just ask!

*We update the items on this site on a regular basis. If you see a carpet or rug you are interested in please record the number. If you do not see it again on this site please check our archives. Or email us.

If you are an educator and you'd like to have additional information on ANY antique carpets on this site, OR an antique carpets you may know of otherwise, please email us with as much information as you have and we will be happy to fill in any blanks. We believe that carpets, rugs and textiles have created a clear and exciting path from our earliest history to our present time and that they can serve as an incredible tool to teach subjects like history and art.

If you're a private collector or a first time buyer, ArtOfPersia.com wants you to find the most exquisite piece for your home, office, or for a gift! We'll help you find a rug that is specific to your eye and unique to the world. We will guarantee that if your rug isn't on this site, we will help you find it through our net of wholesale dealers and antique sellers.

If you're an antique carpet dealer or a first time seller we can help you find clients, answer questions, contact auction houses, offer appraisals and provide any information you may need to sell your goods! ArtOfPersia.com has also bought many beautiful pieces from dealers and antique carpet and textile collectors from all over the world.

If you're looking for a restoration or preservation expert please visit our Services page or email us with the kind of antique textile, condition, size and as much additional information as you have so we can find the right expert for you!

If you would like to sell/show one of your rugs on ArtOfPersia.com please email us your request from our Services page!

We invite you to Visit Hamid Tavakoli's exceptional warehouse in New York City to get a hands on experience with some of these beautiful carpets and textiles appearing on this site. In the meantime, browse our web site where a selection of fine pieces from his collection may be viewed and purchased at great wholesale prices. A list of rug related publications and reference books may be found in our Links page which we can easily find for you online or in a store close to you. ArtOfPersia.com also offers affordable Web Sites from our in-house web designer!